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A strategic partnership of professionals with aligned values and a variety of expertise. The N.T.A. team provides talent recruitment, art direction, event management, marketing support and production expertise. We are passionate about designing and creating exciting, educational and immersive experiences. Our events feature leaders from diverse fields, who are known for their innovative and progressive approaches to professional art practices and production.

FUTURE OCEANS at Victoria International Marina on July 1st, 2019.

The Future Oceans Design Competition is an innovation challenge presented to international fashion designers by Victoria International Marina, in Victoria, BC, Canada. The Ocean Legacy Foundation, and Natural Talent Alliance. The mission of Future Oceans is to inspire hope and promote positive activism toward environmental conservation and recovery.

Our inaugural show on July 1 at the Victoria International Marina, (Victoria, BC) will showcase the works of 10 outstanding Fashion Designers who exemplify the values set by the competition and meet the project guidelines.

Designers are challenged to create three fashion garments; a one of a kind wearable art piece featuring reclaimed ocean plastic, and two ready-to-wear garments using eco-friendly fabrics.


Natural Talent Alliance is an organization in support of creative professionals. We will keep your membership information private and confidential, and only the panelists from the Model Search, or a reputable employer will have access to your contact information so that they can approach you for future opportunities.
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Natural Talent Alliance is an organization in support of creative professionals. We will keep your membership information private and confidential, and only the panelists from the Model Search, or a reputable employer will have access to your contact information so that they can approach you for future opportunities.

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Membership to Natural Talent Alliance is $10, and is effective for 1 year. Members of NTA will receive an invitation to attend the annual Model Search at Telus Spark and many other NTA events free of charge! They will also receive notification if a creative opportunity arises that they would be considered a great fit for.

The Partners

Catherine Larose

Catherine Larose

Larose is a Producer, Art Director and Fashion Editor residing in Edmonton, Alberta. Since 1999, Catherine has supported and worked in the arts through the administration and management of not-for-profits like the School of Alberta Ballet, Charities such as the Cecchetti Society of Canada and the Canadian Space Society, and corporations including MakeFashion, Calgary Bride and Natural Talent Alliance. To date, she has produced more than 60 performances and events for dancers, designers and artists around the world.

Also trained as a fine artist, her metal and textile designs have been featured in exhibitions in Canada, France, Italy, China and the United States. Her passion for fusing art and science has led her to design space art projects for microgravity environments, and develop wearable technology garments for fashion shows. Her passion for collaboration between artists and scientists inspired her to create the first Space Art program in Canada for the Canadian Space Society, and her research on the subject was accepted to the International Astronautical Congress, in Valencia Spain.

As Editor-In-Chief for Calgary Bride until 2017, Catherine directed numerous high-end photo shoots and produced hundreds of fashion editorials for some of Canada’s most widely distributed bridal magazines, “Luxe”, “Calgary Bridal Guide”, and “Confetti”, found on most major newsstands. In 2016, Catherine co-founded Natural Talent Alliance Inc. with Matt Laprairie, an organization which promotes creative collaboration, and produces educational and professional development opportunities for the talent industry. One of these events is the Calgary Raw Talks for creative professionals. As a team, NTA strives to protect the rights of artists and encourage real and raw conversations in order to improve the talent industry.

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Matt Laprairie

Matt Laprairie

Matt Laprairie is a fashion show producer and artist based out of Calgary, Alberta.

A professional artist and fashion designer for over 20 years, Matt has been represented in over 50 fashion shows internationally, including Canada, USA, Germany and China. His unique technique and use of carbon fibre, electronics, and precious metals have gained him an international reputation for being a world leading fashion-tech designer.

In addition to creating and presenting his own work, Matt also directs high profile fashion shows internationally, and recruits and manages modelling talent worldwide through his company MJL Enterprises. In 2016, Matt co-founded Natural Talent Alliance Inc., a talent recruitment organization, specializing in models, musicians, dancers, hair and makeup artists and professional photographers.

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Nadine Richards

Nadine is a model and NTA's Media Officer.

Nadine Richards is a Calgary born and raised model. She’s walked several international runways in San Francisco, Shenzhen and Ottawa, as well as locally in Canada. She has a keen interest in media and fashion, specializing as a prosthetic-cover model. Her goal is to break the barrier between the fashion and prosthetic world. Nadine has been working in Calgary’s talent industry for the last two years, gaining experience and knowledge. In the last year Nadine has teamed up with Natural Talent Alliance Inc. as a Media Influencer and Talent Head-hunter for local and international events.

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Carolynne Scoffield

Carolynne Scoffield is an English / Maltese Model and Writer now based in High River, AB.

Having been brought up in the United Kingdom with Canadian roots, she has a unique perspective on her culture and industry. She has been modelling and walking fashion runways for fourteen years, and her photographs are regularly published in fashion magazines, and online publications. Her high end fashion shoots, juxtapositioned with her edgy blog posts, reflect on the busy life of a working model and mom, and in a short time have inspired over 170K international readers. Her focus on maintaining an exciting career in a safe environment, while working as a professional model has given her a powerful voice in the industry, and one that she takes very seriously. When asked why Future Oceans was important to her, she had this to say:

“I’ve always cared about the environment and animals, but it wasn’t until my daughter started walking around that I took her out to areas and I noticed they were littered with trash. I wondered when things had gotten so bad? Then Future Oceans came up, and I saw the plastic problem. It’s not that well shown yet, and if people aren’t looking they probably wouldn’t find it. After seeing the images of the “plastic island” I new that I had to be part of this, for my daughter and my future grandchildren.”

A naturally talented headhunter, and an advocate for models everywhere, Carolynne is often called upon by NTA to help cast talent for events due to her keen eye for talent, promise and integrity in up and coming models. Her coaching skills, and ability to shine under extreme pressure are only two of the reasons why Carolynne was chosen as our dedicated Model Team Lead, personally overseeing to all of our models during our projects.

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